Computer and network support

Please note that the SLC Acceptable Use Policy for Computing must be followed at all times

What happened to the ATI network?

The ATI network was a student funded network for students and faculty of Applied Science and Computing programs. Students accessing the ATI network with an ATI login were granted additional network rights on ATI computers, additional print credit for ATI printers, and additional file storage.

ATI has now joined with the SL network. This has been done to provide a more seamless and efficient single logon experience for students while also reducing student fees. Students that historically would have been ATI users, now will be included in network group policies that allow for enhanced user rights on certain AS&C computers.

Students in the following programs are included in these group policies.

  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Control Engineering Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technician
  • Energy Systems Engineering Technology
  • Wind Turbine Technology
  • Mechanical Technician

Why didn't my document print?

Here are a number of things to check if you tried to print and the printer didn't respond.
  • Are you logged in with your SL login and password?
    • An SL login is required to print.
    • Generally speaking, group logins do not have the ability to print.
  • Do you have print credit available on your account?
    • For more information on SL print credit please see: Computer Labs, Printing & Copying Manual
    • When you run out of print credit, the document may look like it was sent to the printer, but will not get printed.
    • You can purchase more print credit at the Tech Shop, the bookstore, the library and self-service print account vending machines around the college.
  • Is your document set to a non-standard page size? Supported page sizes are:
    • 8.5 x 11" (letter)
    • 8.5 x 14" (legal)
    • 11 x 17" (tabloid)

For additional help with network and computer related issues please see: How To IT Service Guides or contact IT Services at extension 4357